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And the
winners are...

Three ships have arrived at the Cave of Winners and retrieved their fair share of the buried treasure. See who came out on top! Thanks for playing.

All Aboard!

Big news! An old map to buried treasure for your campus or agency’s charity of choice has been discovered. Your Texas A&M campus or agency set sail on a four-week journey to try to claim it as your own.


Along the way, you will dock every Friday at a benefits-themed location and play a GAME on MyEvive to learn more about your Texas A&M University System benefits. The top three institutions with the most unique game play participants will win a treasure chest (top prize of $2,000) for their respective charity of choice. Games are only available on Fridays in June - if you don’t play by the end of the day, you miss your chance!

What's at stake?

We will be giving out a total of $3,500 in prizes towards the winning campuses or agencies charity or choice:


$2,000 for 1st place

$1,000 for 2nd place

$500 for 3rd place